HFM Men vs. Wild

Men vs. Wild

HFM Men!!!

 Up for an incredible experience? One that could change your life?

August 12 – 16, men of the HFMC are invited on a backpacking trip we are calling, “HFM Men vs. Wild”. This 5-day, primitive backpacking trip in the mountains of Pennsylvania will unplug you from normalcy and allow you to plug into God and others as men.

 Proverbs 27:17 – As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

 This trip will stretch and sharpen you physically, mentally, and spiritually through a genuine wilderness experience in God’s creation. Although this is sure to be a memorable trip, it will not be for everyone. Due to the nature of this trip, a certain degree of physical and mental ability/stamina must already be present.

 As a part of this trip you will experience…

  • 5 days without access to modernity (electricity, running water, c
    ommunications etc.)
  • 5 days without human contact (other than with those in the group).
  • Having to hike several miles per day, carrying everything needed for survival on your back.
  • Cooking food over an open flame.
  • God’s creation at its finest! The area we will be hiking through is jaw-dropping in its natural setting. It is home to humungous rock outcrops, caves, ravines, streams, deer, turkey, wild trout, bears, and views you will only ever experience on foot.


We are asking for a suggested donation of $30/person to help cover the cost of fuel and tolls (if you are in a position to give more, we would welcome that as well). We are also asking everyone to bring $15 extra so we can stop for a hot meal on the way home (the most amazing meal you will ever eat). Each man going will be responsible for providing his own trail food and gear for the trip. If you do not have gear or don’t know the first thing about “trail food”, do not let this deter you as I can provide a meal plan and gear list that can fit most budgets. I also have access to gear that can be borrowed.

 Signing Up:

Below is a suggested gear list and meal plan to give you a better idea of what you will need to provide for the trip. To sign up for the trip, please contact me directly. Any HFM man or teen who is physically able is invited to participate in this, however, any minor that did not go with us last year will be required to do a local day hike with me in order to make sure they are up for the challenge.

In Christ,
Pastor Dave Turner




Minimum Gear List:

The below list represents a basic kit that will get you through the week.

–         Tent (one-man/backpacking/lightweight type. $25 at Wal Mart or see me as I may have access to some)

–        Sleeping bag (unless you want to go “hardcore” :-)

–        Backpacking pack or rucksack – (

  • as little as $50 at Litchfield Armory, or I can make other suggestions from Amazon.com. I may also have access to some to borrow.)


–        Hiking shoes/boots with good ankle support

–        Food (see below list for example meals that are great for backpacking)

–        LED Flashlight

–        Clothes (just a few changes; preferably made with synthetic material. At least one pair of long pants)

–        Bible

–        Rain poncho

–        Roll of biodegradable toilet paper. (Wal Mart camping section)

–        Small bottle of hand sanitizer

–        Toothbrush/toothpaste

–        “Camping” or biodegradable soap

–        Bug repellant (non-aerosol kind)

–        Water bottle (1 Liter in size)

–        “Mess Kit” ($6 in Wal Mart Camping section) Or small pot with lid that can be exposed to open flame.

–        Metal Spoon/Fork

–        Hand towel

–        Basic first aid kit (with pain reliever, band aids, alcohol wipes, ace bandage, antibiotic ointment etc.)


Meal Ideas:

The following meal ideas are ones that I have loved, and plan to take on the trail myself. They are super lightweight, cheap, take up very little space, and are high in the nutrients you will need. This is just to give you an idea. More on meal planning, packing, and other things will come at a later date.


Breakfast Ideas:

  • Oatmeal, protein bar, coffee – I pack 1-2 servings of oatmeal in a “freezer bag” for each morning I plan to eat it along with a coffee single and protein bar.
  • Cereal, protein bar, coffee – For this I also pack it all in a freezer bag along with enough powdered milk to “milkify” the cereal by adding water when I’m ready.


Lunch Ideas:

  • Tuna on pita or tortilla, cheese crackers, raisins – Tuna should be the kind packed in an envelope, NOT in the can. I also save condiment packets and bring those along as well.
  • Chicken on tortilla, cheese crackers, fruit leather – Sometimes I will add wild edibles to the sandwich also to give it texture and added flavor. And like the tuna, get the chicken in the package, NOT the can.


Dinner Ideas:

  • Flavored mashed potatoes on tortillas with precooked non-refrigerated bacon or bacon bits
  • Rice bag with all the fixins in it. (They usually are microwaved, but can be cooked with hot water also.)
  • Ramen noodles –or- “Beef and noodles” (egg noodles in a freezer bag with a bullion cube and small pieces of beef jerky)


Snack Ideas:

Each day it is a good idea to pack at least one high protein snack to help get you trough the day. Some ideas for this include trail mix, protein bars, beef jerky etc.

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