“God-Size Answers to Giant-Size Problems”/1 Samuel 17

A.T.M. (Apply The Message)

A Guide for Personal, Family, Class or Small Group Study

Observation:  Seeing What’s There

Along with Noah’s ark, Moses parting the Red Sea, Joshua at the walls of Jericho, and Daniel in the lion’s den, the story of David and Goliath is among those first Bible stories we learn in childhood. Think back and reflect on some of the earliest impressions this story left with you?

Briefly describe what you observe about the character of each of the following in this account.  The Israelite soldiers…David’s older brother, Eliab…King Saul…David.

What, if anything, strikes you about David not wanting to wear Saul’s armor into battle?

Interpretation:  Capturing What’s Taught

Read what David says to Saul in verses 34-37 and what he says to Goliath in verses 45-47. What do his words tell you about David’s faith and walk with God?

How do you see God’s power and purpose displayed in this story?

Application:  Living What’s Needed

Think of the personal experience of a time you faced a giant of your own?  What did you learn from that? How did the Lord help you triumph?

What do you see and understand in this story that is important or helpful to your life right now?

Pray for those you know, yourself included, facing a giant (or giants!) right now.

Looking Ahead:

Prepare for Next Sunday

Read Psalm 118, John 20:19-23, Acts 1:4-8

October 28
“It’s a Great Day for a Great Day”
Psalm 118:19-29

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