HFM COVID-19 Update (June 12, 2020)

As restrictions related to COVID-19 continue to relax in Michigan, our sights now look toward gathering once again for in-person worship. So far we have enjoyed a safe and successful “soft-launch” period whereby we opened our doors for worship via video, and now we are taking the next step in our phased re-opening by going live with worship services once again beginning Sunday, June 14th.


We will again be offering worship services at both 8:30AM (traditional) and 10:50AM (contemporary), but things will continue to look different as the pandemic has undoubtedly forced some necessary changes on us.


But before continuing, please stop and read the following article regarding Coronavirus and the Church…


If you weren’t able to join us during our soft-launch, please understand that there have been several changes to the Sunday morning experience at HFM. These are designed to promote health AND allow us to enjoy in-person worship while we continue to be vigilant with the ongoing changes involving COVID-19.


  • First off, as always, do not violate your conscience. If you believe you are to stay home until you feel it is safe to once again join us, please be encouraged to do so! We don’t want anyone to feel they MUST come to the church; especially if you are in a vulnerable category.
  • We will continue to offer the 10:50 Sunday Morning worship service live via Facebook. The service will be uploaded to YouTube some time after the service and DVDs/CDs will be available from the office by the following Wednesday.
  • If you are feeling ill or if you have a temperature, please refrain from coming to HFM.
  • Until further notice, we will no longer have greeters stationed at the doors and, when possible, we will prop the doors open to minimize contact.
  • Upon entering HFM, please utilize one of the sanitation stations and observe the traffic lanes in the foyer. Also, please avoid congregating in the foyer. We also ask that you keep personal belongings (coats, purses, etc) with you instead of using the coat-racks.
  • Bulletins and sermon outlines will be available on a table in the foyer as you enter the building.
  • Currently, we need to continue to promote social distancing when possible (6′ from others outside of your household) and those who desire to wear a mask are encouraged to do so. The sanctuary and gym have been set up to encourage social distancing.
  • If you come and someone is wearing a mask, use that as an indication that you need to be especially vigilant to maintain distance and avoid physical contact. We want EVERYONE to feel comfortable meeting again. Please do not violate their space and the precautions they are taking.
  • In the sanctuary we have blocked off every other pew for the time-being to promote social distancing. In blocked-off pews, we will have pre-packaged communion elements (when applicable), pens, and baskets for your offering. These will be sanitized between services. Please try to have your household sit together so as to maximize efficient use of the sanctuary space. Also, avoid sitting close to another household sharing the same pew as yours.
  • Due to current conference directives, the capacity of our sanctuary is limited to 25%. Once that limit has been reached, we will direct others to join the worship service as it is live-streamed in the gym.
  • We will continue to keep the worship service to around 1 hour in length to allow plenty of time between services for folks to clear out and for our Sanitation Team to disinfect the facility between services. You are encouraged to enjoy each other’s fellowship, just please avoid using the foyer to do this as we need to keep open lanes of travel.
  • We are also eliminating the “greeting” time in the worship service itself. Please take time before and after worship to fellowship and communicate with others. Please avoid using the foyer to do this.
  • For the time being we will NOT be offering a nursery or Junior Church. Parents are encouraged to keep children with you in the service in either the gym or sanctuary. Pastor Jody has made available packets to occupy young minds and hands during services. ALSO, Pastor Jody is continuing to offer Virtual Junior Church online! Stay in touch with her for details.
  • Until further notice, there will be NO Sunday School: Because of both logistical and staffing reasons.
  • Please keep in touch with Pastor Jody or Pastor Kurt for summer ministry opportunities for kids and teens.
  • As restrictions are further relaxed, Life Groups are welcome to meet in the Fireside Room where accommodations will promote social distancing and sterilization. Life Group leaders please check with Jean (the office secretary) to insure the time you want to meet is available. Please understand that Jan Plummer (our Life Group Coordinator) will be unable to make physical contact with Life Groups as she is caring for her 90+ year old mother.
  • Also for the time being, drinking fountains on campus are unavailable, but water bottles have been placed there for those who would like water.
Thanks also for taking time to look this over. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the HFM office and one of the pastors will attempt to address questions or concerns.


The HFM Staff