Children’s Websites

Below are some links to websites that Miss Jody recommends.  Please have your parents’ permission before you visit any site.  (Click on the picture to connect to the sites.)

grannys dojoGranny’s Bible Dojo is a game the Sunday School kids enjoyed over the summer.  It is a fun way to learn the order of the books of the Bible!  Children can rise through the ranks as they learn more and more of the books of the Bible.




Adventures in Odyssey is a radio drama (Miss Jody’s absolute FAVORITE!) designed for children 8-12 years old, but is fun for the whole family!  At you can listen to Adventures in Odyssey’s daily and weekly broadcasts. 


Veggie Tales has been a kids’ favorite for years!  At the Veggie Tale website there are games, stories, and much more to explore.


Jelly Tellies provide a variety of entertaining skits about the Bible.  Although most Jelly Tellies are puppets, in Sunday School we regularly enjoy the Bentley Brothers’ Bible songs!  At the Jelly Telly website there are many links to games, other shows (like Adventures in Odyssey movies), and other Christian based shows for kids!  Note:  Access to this site is now $5 a month